Wedding Invite (outer tracing paper)

THIS IS ORIGINAL ARTWORK BY APOGEE. 01_outer_tracing-paper_page.svg:
Was printed on a semi-transparent tracing paper with floral imprints. In normal light it has a shimmering effect.

More info:
Date: June 2010 (re-release: public domain)
2010 Re-Release: Now: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License
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apogee, 2010-06-16

For an explanation, font info, full download of source (with pics of the resulting invitation) please check the release page:

chovynz, 2010-06-16

While we appreciate your efforts (And they look fantastic!!) we regret we are unable to accept these cliparts. You have released them under the CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0, which is incompatible with Public Domain. For them them to be accepted on OCAL, you will need to release them to Public Domain, free of any restriction for use of any purpose, including commercial, and does not require attribution.<br><br> Please see the <a href="">public domain</a> waiver for more information. <br><br> Hidden due to licence incompatibility.

apogee, 2010-06-16

License updated (download pack is re-released on the domain)

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