by Lazur - uploaded on October 8, 2013, 5:10 pm

For some design I was working in dimetry, depicted with this image.

Dimetry refers to that two of the axises scale factor is the same.

That description covers a large variety of axonometric views though.

The scale factors and the angles I chose result that if you mirror the y axis along x axis, you will get z axis.

There are similar dimetry-s that are used more often, like the so-called

conventional axonometry.

Here is an image of that (original author unknown).


Another commonly used one has it's axises at 97°; 131,5°; 131,5°,

and some may even use different scale factors too.

To me this one seemed a more trivial choice.

Image drawn with inkscape.

There are three invisible planes included in the svg, to make mapping of objects easier.

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