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Spring-Summer 2014

by Merlin2525

2014-05-03 01:48:33

A scenic scene of Spring - Summer at the beach. Thanks go to the following open clipart artist whose remixed works are depicted here: pianoBrad, Anonymous, addon, feraliminal, jogdragoon.NOTE: Inkscape filters are used for the sand texture. If you do not see a realistic sand texture and colour then please use Inkscape to generate the png version. Licence: Public Domain.

Tags: Back to school, animal, ball, beach, bird, bucket, cans, children, cloud, cola, container, cool, coooler, drinks, fabric, family, fun, gathering, gaviota, generic, handle, holiday, ice, moewe, otto, p1, party, picnic, pop, rain, relax, relaxation, retreat, sand, sea, seagull, seashore, shore, shovel, soda, soft, spring, summer, sun, towel, toy, travel, umbrella,

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