Celebrate Happy Memorial Day with Clipart

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j4p4n, 2014-05-24

What is this?? An American site?? :o) I mean, where's the love for other country's holidays? I saw nothing for the last few holidays here...!

rejon, 2014-05-24

What's your countries next holiday? We should feature more holidays right? Or even have a daily featured topic for uploads right?

j4p4n, 2014-05-30

The next holiday here is 'Sea Day' but that's a lame holiday with no celebrations, just time off work haha in Summer there is also 'obon' which is fun to celebrate, even though it's not a certain day off... I wasn't really trying to push any holidays though, I was just teasing about it being focused on one country :o) but it's all good.. no worries...

Magirly, 2014-05-30

Sea Day and Obon - can't wait to see celebratory clipart for them... great idea. We had Ascension Thursday yesterday, this is encouragement to be more creative for me. Thanks!

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