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Sci Fi Rocket and Planet

by j4p4n

2015-02-12 11:59:46

I can't get enough of this retro-futurism. (Fear not dear Internet User, this was synthesized from a public domain source. It was also heavily modified to get it to work as clipart.) You know, if Elon Musk has his way, this might be a preview of the actual future. Hop in your hyperspeed rocket and blast on over to Planet Xeon and look at the cloud formations float over the creators. Wait a minute! If there are a million pock-marked creators that seems to imply a really week planetary atmosphere, and in that case the clouds should rapidly dissipate, no?

Tags: clouds, futuristic, moon, planet, planetoid, retro, rocket, science fiction, scifi, sci fi, SF, Space, space, space-stuffs, Space Pictures, space ship

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