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Chemist making same really strong stuff, wearing only flip-flops

by The Martin

2016-10-19 21:18:55

Chemist in his lab behind a counter with some vials and bulbs, making secret and powerful "produits", while showing a mysterious smile, mostly hidden behind his beach-style goggles; also happy about his no longer broken left wrist (thumbs up for his physio-therapist) - and how do I know about the flip-flops? Well, his boss is not around and the A/C is broken (again) and that's what we all do anyway, no worries

Tags: Africa, African, cartoon, casestudy, Chemikalien, Chemiker, chemist, chemistry, clipart_issue, Gefahr, gefährlich, glassware, health and safety, lab, Labor, laboratory, LabWare, lab ware, lecker, lemonade, physics, remix+263810, science

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