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reduction pack 2

by Lazur URH - uploaded on December 26, 2016, 12:37 am

This one was rather complex. Each tone/luminosity level is blurred and composited in the same shape. Resulting each lightness level preserved and the hue value "averaged" by the smudge effect of the blurring. It does render a bit slowly. There are 3-18 gaussianblur filter primitives stacked in one filter in the pack.Edit: as it was made with inkscape 0.92, the thumbnail is sadly way off.Check the link below for the correct rendering or open the svg in chrome. http://iterativeideasinventory.blogspot.hu/2016/12/reduction-pack.html

2016 channel color colour color reduction colour reduction colour theory component transfer filter in action filter pack Lazur reduction remix+244320 remix+269459 remix+269523 srgb test images URH thumbnail_issue
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