stone filter megapack

by Lazur - uploaded on January 14, 2017, 6:52 pm

1024 filters to generate a stone texture.

Not completely satisfied with all of them, since the colouring was done only on the variants in #270572 and couldn't check if the rest were looking fine, but there are alot of good ones for drawing stone textures.

(Used notepad++ just like with some of the previous megapacks to change the colour scheme.)

2017 filter filter in action filter pack gloss and rust Lazur remix+244320 remix+270570 remix+270572 remix+270575 remix+270585 remix+270587 remix+270588 remix+270589 remix+270590 remix+270591 remix+270592 remix+270593 remix+270594 remix+270595 remix+270596 remix+270597 remix+270598 remix+270599 remix+270600 remix+270601 remix+270602 stone stone block texture URH
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