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all 0.92 filters 2

by Lazur URH

2017-02-15 02:53:25

All the preset filters collected into one file. With a different arrangement, still the page is 21600 px / 11100 px sized. Check the original images for better visualisation.

Tags: 2017, filter in action, filter pack, filter test, inkscape 0.92, inkscape 0.92 filter presets, Lazur, remix+272859, remix+272916, remix+272917, remix+272918, remix+272919, remix+272920, remix+272921, remix+272923, remix+272924, remix+272925, remix+272926, remix+272927, remix+272928, remix+272929, remix+272930, remix+272931, remix+272932, remix+272933, remix+272934, remix+272935, remix+272936, remix+272937, remix+272938, remix+272939, remix+272940, remix+272941, remix+272942, remix+272943, remix+272944, remix+272945, remix+272946, remix+272947, remix+272950, remix+272951, remix+272952, remix+272953, remix+272954, remix+272955, remix+272956, remix+272957, remix+272958, remix+272959, remix+272960, remix+272961, remix+272962, remix+272964, remix+272965, remix+272966, remix+272967, remix+272968, remix+272969, remix+272970, remix+272971, remix+272972, remix+272973, remix+272974, remix+272975, remix+272976, remix+272977, remix+272978, remix+272979, remix+272980, remix+272981, remix+272982, remix+272983, remix+272984, remix+272985, remix+272986, remix+272987, remix+272988, remix+272989, remix+272990, remix+272991, remix+273043, remix+273044, test images, URH

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