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Transsickle Genderhammer (Trans Hammer and Sickle)

by claiire

2017-09-03 21:41:09

The "Transsickle Genderhammer" variant of the hammer and sickle (www.reddit.com/r/socialism/comments/4hff7l/the_transsickle_genderhammer/), a sign for socialist trans people everywhere, nicely vectorized for your convenience. :3

Tags: automated, communism, for a better world, fully, gay, gender, glyphs, hammer, left, left-wing, leftie, leftist, leftwing, lgbt, lgbtq, lgbtqia, lgbtqia+, luxury, queer, russia, sickle, socialism, soviet, space, trans, transexual, transgender, transsexual, ussr, wing, hammer and sickle, and

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