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broken svg 3

by Lazur URH

2018-04-02 12:26:05

Visuals rendered of a broken svg to a 800 px/800 px thumbnail. Probably not an exact mach since after the text is converted to path the hinting is missing. If it was a text object, it would be a clipart_issue... Those with affinity designer may produce a better eyeballing -of reproducing the look of the hinting with anti-aliasing of the converted text. Affinity designer can downsample the rendering which inkscape lacks at the moment.

Tags: 2018, avatars, broken, browser, DejaVu Serif, error, error message, glitch art, Lazur, remix+275461, remix+276163, remix+279026, remix+280856, remix+282303, remix+284714, remix+285028, remix+285102, remix+285332, remix+289699, remix+290009, remix+291867, remix+298750, remix+299620, remix+299715, svg, URH, windows

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