broken svg 6

Visuals rendered of a broken svg to a 2352 px/2352 px svg document*.
Thumbnail is intended to be an exact match of a literally broken svg document hosted at openclipart (see original cliparts, like however hinting/antialiasing may mismatch here and there.

*Seems the previous upload,, had a little mismatch in the scale factor. Thumbnails are generated at a fixed 2400 px/2400 px regularly, however the broken svg-s are built up of a 2352 px/138 px sized image, which get their thumbnail rendered in a different manner -probably to match their original size.

Meaning a "proper" thumbnail of a broken svg is rendered at 2352 px/ 2352 px size on the thumnail frame, while in reality that is 2352 px/137 px sized, placed on top of the square area.
This svg was built to match the 2352 px/2352 px size area, *however* as it is a legit svg drawn with inkscape, the thumbnail is rendered at a 2400 px/2400 px size. (Hence looking blurry.) The thumbnail queried at 2350 px size should appear crisp, however offset of the broken svg's thumbnail as the placement of those are inside a frame on the page and the empty space is not part of the png generated...

Conclusion: cannot generate a proper svg that matches the thumbnail of the broken svg-s *exactly*, as seen on the image's page.
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