Hiragana Learning Poster

by j4p4n - uploaded on July 3, 2022, 4:00 am

This must be a world record for number of remixes in one clipart haha :o)

I decided I wanted to remix the "hiragana study chart" so that it would be a poster with an icon and a symbolic word to help people study/memorize everything. There is also a katakana character that matches the hiragana character in a small black box in the upper right hand side of all hiragana characters, just to help learn both. (If you don't know, Japanese has two native writing systems-- hiragana and katakana-- in addition to borrowed Chinese characters.) This is maybe more focused at native speaking kids than learners of Japanese as a second language because you need to have a pretty big vocabulary to understand the short symbolic words for each letter. I guess that could be a learning point too though. I just wanted to help kids/anyone learn their letters! :)

EDIT: Uploaded new version that fixes a glyph problem

If you want to find the simple hiragana stroke order study chart, it's right here:


(The original I remixed had a weird order to the characters so this keeps the somewhat not standard ordering of the characters and adds the grammatical "wo" character missing from the original poster. Hope it helps someone, somehow!)

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