witch over harvest moon

A witch flying on her broomstick.
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johnny_automatic, 2006-10-09

nice, but check your spelling. I think you meant harvest moon and maybe Halloween. Helps with the searching

molumen, 2006-12-02

This is a nice piece of clipart, Lakeside, thanks for posting it here. I optimized it a little bit, because its size was too big. This was caused by objects with huge amounts of nodes. By simplifying them, I reduced the file's size and kept the shape of the objects. Also, I added some keywords, so the file will be easier to find :)

Mike2417, 2010-10-07

Hi Lakeside, I just wanted to let you know that I've used this image on my website: http://halloween.customcards.biz/credits Thanks very much for making it available, cheers, Mike

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