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Champagne Glass Remix 2

by Merlin2525

2012-12-08 13:34:54

Champagne glass with a gold ribbon.

Tags: alcohol, alcool, an, aniversario, anne, annee, anniversaire, anniversary, année, ano, año, beber, bebida, boda, boire, boisson, bonne, botella, bottle, bouteille, brindis, bubble, bubbles, bubbly, bulle, bulles, burbuja, burbujas, cadeau, casamiento, celebracion, celebration, ceremonia, ceremonie, ceremony, champagne, champan, champana, cheers, christmas, cinta, copa, cube, cubeta, cubo, cup, d'artifice, de, decoration, decorative, decorativo, drink, espumoso, feliz, feste, fete, feux, fiesta, fiestas, fireworks, formal, formell, fuegos, garland, ghirlande, gift, glace, glass, glasses, gold, grad, graduacion, graduation, guirnalda, happy, happynewyear, hielo, honey, honeymoon, ice, la, licenciamiento, luna, lune, mariage, marriage, miel, moon, navidad, new, night, noce, noces, noche, noel, nouvelle, novo, nuevo, or, oro, parties, party, pascua, petillant, petit, reception, regalo, remix, ribbon, ruban, salud, social, sparkling, tiny, toast, vaso, vasos, verre, verres, vin, vino, wedding, wine, x-mas, year, years,

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