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compositing test with filtering

by Lazur URH

2016-09-17 21:57:47

A compositing idea on how to solve the 1 px rendering gap issue between touching objects. On the top there are 128 separate squares next to eachother, showing the issue by regular rendering/compositing. On the bottom there is one object with a loooong filter (1428 lines in the defs section). Each of the squares are pulled in with the image filter primitive and using arithmetic composite on them where the alpha values always add up to opaque in between.

Tags: 2016, Lazur, URH, aligned, alpha, anti-aliasing, cairo, cell, color, colour, compositing, filter in action, gap-issue, grid, inkscape, multiple fill, pixel, random, remix+244320, remix+250219, renderer, rendering, solution, spreadsheet, square, test, test images,

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