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sixties duotone turbulence pack 10

by Lazur URH

2016-11-01 13:36:06

A set of turbulence filters with duotone colours in sixties psychedelic poster style.

Tags: 1960's, 2016, 3D, 60's, Lazur, URH, bright, color, colour, diffuse, duotone, filter in action, filter pack, fractal noise, gradient, pop, poster, psychedelia, psychedelic, remix+244320, remix+247300, remix+264465, remix+264468, remix+264703, remix+264786, remix+264787, remix+264994, remix+265001, remix+265012, remix+265324, rgb, saturated, shading, sixties, square, threshold, tone, tones, turbulence, vivid,

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