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Chess Piece with Name - Black Knight

by DG-RA

2017-03-11 02:11:20

Flat figure (2d) of chess piece with its English name / Figura plana (2d) de pieza de ajedrez con su nombre en Inglés

Tags: icon, gameboard, game board, game_board, set of pieces, Nerd, templates, queen, white, castle, piece, rook, whiteart, strategy, Vectorization, collection, symbol, competition, geek, nerd, Chess table, Escolar, educativo, educacional, juego de mesa, play, puzzle, tablero de ajedrez, King, Knight, Pawn, Queen, Rook, Bishop, Rey, Caballo, Alfil, Peon, Dama, Torre, icons , inkscape, symbol , free clipart, juego de mesa, icons, inkscape, symbol, free clipart, free vector, recursos de ajedrez, clases de ajedrez, chess, standard, puzzle, educational, Chess resources, 2d, flat color, two colors,

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