Original drawing by ticchallis ticchallis.deviantart.com/

Traced and published under CC with her permission. I went a bit insane with the details in some parts, but that's what vectors are for.
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qubodup, 2010-04-02

Hello, a beautiful dragon. Are you sure the original author permitted use under public domain terms? "CC" is not specific.

afiefh, 2010-04-02

@qubodup Yes, I specifically requested her permission on DA about posting it to OpenClipart under CC before I started working on it.

Shhalahr, 2010-04-18

But CC is not the same as public domain. Public domain allows free use without restriction. Most Creative Commons licenses require at the very least attribution.

chovynz, 2010-05-04

"i think i got a note about this, im sorry ive not repleyd had some internet issues. but yes its fine i dont mind it being used at all, infact im rather pleased that people like it enogth to want to use it. Thakyou for your concern and for the information on the license (very helpful) have fun! ticchallis" Thank you Afiefh for providing enough info to double-check. CC is indeed not PD, however as you stated, the author has said it's ok to be uploaded under the PD licence on OCAL. This clipart is a guaranteed Public Domain. http://ticchallis.deviantart.com/art/tatto-design-2-79327807

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