No.91 pencil

Had to remove the original for containing a gnu general public licensed logo of inkscape.
This time, used inkscape's substitute raster image's double instead in double size.
128 px sized square image was center aligned to the 133,617 px wide logo.

The original clipart - was uploaded in 2014-09-30.
It had the description:
"For the about screen contest of the upcoming version of inkscape.
Font used: xm yekan. (Gnu general public licence, here the letters are converted to paths)."

Then, again, made a remix of the original too.
The latter is what was clicked on the upload remix button this time.

It had a description as follows:
"Now inkscape 0.92 about screen contest is on. Deadline is November 13, 2016.

Time to revisit this curly mess of a clipart.
Somehow the rendering glitch wasn't present in 0.48 on the metallic part.

Anyway, other notes.
In general, it relies on masking much, which does not transfer right to pdf-s alone.
Then there is the yellow bent shape, which is the result of a diffuse filter -even though at the time I didn't get the real grasp of it.
First, for such a relatively simple shape that is a huge overkill.
Secondly, because the diffuse filter uses alpha values as an input, I drew the shape and masked anotherone with it -could have been much easier by simply adding a colormatrix filter primitive in luminance to alpha mode... and that shape was drawn by markers along a path which alone is overly complicated.

May this clipart serve as a simpler version.
Not sure about the logo part, may not be welcomed here -but noone had a problem with it for two years.
Anyway, will upload a remix without the logo as well."

If you are looking for these without the linked image icons, check these cliparts:
2014 version
2016 version
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