Hanabishi 1.1

by Laurennial - uploaded on May 9, 2023, 2:53 pm

Updated! I have a corrected version thanks to @GDJ and guidance from @j4p4n going forward! Thank you for being so helpful!

I'm a huge fan of Japanese crests, or mon. Wikimedia has a bunch, but I've got a couple of Japanese-language sources that also have lovely mon intended for use as materials. One source I'm not too sure about yet, but my main source is hakko-daiodo.com. Filtered through Google Translate, it says "Hundreds of free materials of family crest vector images are being created and distributed. If you suddenly need a family crest material but don't have time to make it yourself. Those who are simply interested. I made it with great pains, so if you need it, please feel free to use it."

I'm hoping to add to the pile of svg mon available out there. I'm pretty sure most mon (that have not been designed recently, of course) are long over any copyright claim time...

Anyway, Hanabishi and its various forms are my favorite, so I'm uploading one as my first. Enjoy!

japanese komon mon crest japan hanabishi symbol motif monochrome asian diamond sword flower
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