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  • 800,000 visitors /month (Google Analytics)
  • 660,000 unique visitors / month (Google Analytics)
  • 4.2 million page views / month (Google Analytics)
  • Alexa Traffic Rank: 9,477
  • Google PageRank: 7
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We currently run Google Ads and work with Shutterstock to provide ads to support our operations. We are eager to increase the quality of our advertising to provide more value to everyone who uses Openclipart. If you have something to advertise or a service for providing quality advertising, please email love@openclipart.org.


We are eager to work with others who rely upon Openclipart. We are open-minded to discussing partnership opportunities. We understand that making partnerships must work for both parties and increase the value of Openclipart. Email us with partnership discussions.


Currently we provide developer interfaces to Openclipart as APIs. We are actively expanding the ways to access Openclipart. We want to make it as simple and fast as possible to both upload and share clipart. Please do review our current set of Developer APIs and contact us if you have more questions about how to integrate Openclipart with your APP. If you have or are trying to build Apple iPhone, iPad and Android applications using Openclipart, we want to talk with you.


Do you need specific support for your project, company, non-profit, school, or organization? We currently provide email service at love@openclipart.org, and can provide more channels of access for support all the way up to on-site support and workshops in-person with your team. Contact us at love@openclipart.org to discuss support.

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Let's talk! We are available. If you need some metrics or questions answered, please email love@openclipart.org.