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Disco Dancer 5

by Merlin2525

2012-12-14 16:18:33

Original image had all the dancers connected, I seperated each dancer. This one is the silhouette of a female dancer.

Tags: adorn, adornment, adorno, années, ano, año, bailando, bailarines, baile, boîte, cabaret, celebracion, celebración, celebration, centro, chica, club, célébration, dama, dame, dance, dancers, dancing, danse, danseurs, de, decoracion, decoración, decorado, decoration, disco, discoteca, discotheque, discothèque, décoration, eve, female, femelle, femenino, feminin, femme, festejo, fete, fiesta, fiestas, fille, féminin, fête, fêtes, gens, gente, girl, icons, jeune, jeunes, joven, jovenes, juventud, jóvenes, lady, mp3, muchacha, mujer, music, musica, musique, música, new, night, nightclub, nina, niña, nocturno, nouvelles, nuevo, nuit, nuit-club, ornament, ornato, party, people, person, persona, personas, personnage, personne, personnes, persons, petite, reception, réception, senora, senorita, señora, señorita, silhouette, silueta, spot, woman, woman silhouette, year, years, young, youth

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