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by Lazur URH

2016-08-22 15:56:14

A cube with 1m edge in an ortographic projection where x, and y axises are aligned to 22° and 40° from the horizontal. (In 1:1 scale @90 dpi.) With three other views that show the faces in their true size. Those are parents, with ellipses and polygons aligned to the projection, making the axonometric view have ellipses with their right axises made up of the clones. Can come handy for drawing cylinders.

Tags: 2016, 3D, Euclid, Gaspard Monge, Lazur, Platonian solid, URH, affine transformation, axis, axonometric, cube, cubic, descriptive geometry, geometric art, geometry, hexahedron, mesh, object, orto projection, ortographic, parallel, poly, polyhedron, remix+259494, remix+259495, remix+259497, solid, square, transformation,

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