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by Lazur URH

2016-08-22 15:58:38

A cube with 1m edge in an ortographic projection where x, and y axises are aligned to 22° and 40° from the horizontal. (In 1:1 scale @90 dpi.) With three other views that show the faces in their true size -which are parents. With a fancy little metal finish.

Tags: 2016, 3D, Euclid, Gaspard Monge, Lazur, Platonian solid, URH, affine transformation, axis, axonometric, cube, cubic, descriptive geometry, geometric art, geometry, hexahedron, mesh, object, orto projection, ortographic, parallel, poly, polyhedron, remix+259494, remix+259495, remix+259497, remix+259507, solid, square, transformation,

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