Card Symbols

by Merlin2525 - uploaded on April 6, 2015, 6:46 pm

Full suit symbol for cards. Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds, Spades. Designed in Inkscape. License: Public Domain.

Cards Nerd Party ! Objetos a achievements acorn acorns activities air al and artisans arvorezinha azulejos balaozinho baraja basto bastoes bastoni bastonis bastons bastos bebu beechnut bell bellota bellotas bells black blatt bolotas burghers campanas campesinos camponeses card cards carefree carreaus carreaux carta cartas carte cartes church clase class classe clergy clero clovers club clubs coeurs coin coins copa copas coppe coppes coracao coracaos coracoa coracoes corazon corazones couve cuori cups de deck demantur denari denarios diamant diamante diamantes diamants diamond diamonds dinero disappointments discs doce earth ecker effort eglise eichef eichel eicheln el element en enseigne epee epees escopeta escudos espada espadas event excitement farmers fiori fire flores friendship fumo gamble gambling game gas glerge gold green grun happiness harten haut hauts hayuco heart hearts herb herz hierba hoja hojas hope iglesia jeu jeus jogar jogo jogos jouant jouer joy juego juegos jugando klaveren lanca lancas lance lances lansa lansas lanza lanzas laub leaves leite life losango losangos lottery love makk merchants middle militares military moneda money monnaie naipe negro nobility noir obrera of oro oros ou ouro ouros ouvriera palo pas paus pe peasants pica picas piece pike pikes pinto pique piques piros plata playing pleasant poker problems proletaria pumpkin punhal quadrados quadri red representa represente represents richesse rings riqueza risk rojo rosas rosen rot rouge ruiten schellen schellens schilten schoppen sepadilha seta shields sickness simbolizado simbolo simbologia simbolos spade spades staves suit suits sword swords symbol symbole symboles symbologie symbology symbols taca tacas tarjeta tiles tok trebol treboles trefles trevo trevos verde wands water wealth winnings work working zape zold
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