Crooked Drama (02) in Crooked Village

by The Martin - uploaded on November 6, 2016, 8:13 pm

Now that we have a hospital, and people(!) and an efficient Post Office, we can finally have drama. Watch those final moments in the preparations of our latest kidney-transplant: Kidney is on its way, by special crooked express, with its own crooked security; the hospital and staff is all ready and set, awaiting the elements; and the chief surgeon is also on her way, directly followed by the patient, who is already being pre-prepped in the brand-new-high-tech-crooked-ambulance.People, this is as much fun as Lego - and almost better: It was far too expensive and far too slow (still is, even in 3D printer times) to make your own Lego blocks... Please make remixes and let us see your imagination.I was tempted to put the new "antenna" on the Post Office and on the Hospital and on all four vehicles, for added drama, but turns out I forgot; had too much fun already.

Crooked World chief surgeon crooked village drama flashing lights health hospital kidney people remix+240547 remix+240598 remix+240648 remix+240705 remix+265320 remix+265488 remix+265597 remix+265598 remix+265611 remix+265747 remix+265783 remix+265851 remix+265860 staff transplant urgency
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