Crooked Drama (02) in Crooked Village

Now that we have a hospital, and people(!) and an efficient Post Office, we can finally have drama. Watch those final moments in the preparations of our latest kidney-transplant: Kidney is on its way, by special crooked express, with its own crooked security; the hospital and staff is all ready and set, awaiting the elements; and the chief surgeon is also on her way, directly followed by the patient, who is already being pre-prepped in the brand-new-high-tech-crooked-ambulance.

People, this is as much fun as Lego - and almost better: It was far too expensive and far too slow (still is, even in 3D printer times) to make your own Lego blocks... Please make remixes and let us see your imagination.

I was tempted to put the new "antenna" on the Post Office and on the Hospital and on all four vehicles, for added drama, but turns out I forgot; had too much fun already.
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