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upload +filters

by Lazur URH

2015-05-11 00:28:37

If you want to upload a raster image for a clipart to the library, send them to *filter name*@openclipart.org, like for example to tiltshift@openclipart.org for the tiltshift filter. The subject of the mail will be the name of the clipart, and you can specify the description in the message and tags by # marks. Also tags such as upload2openclipart, request+new, filter+*filter name*, vectorized will be added by default.The list of available filters: autotraceavatarborderboxelizecyanizedirtydollarfaceequalizegothamgrayscalekelvinlomomapitizenashvilleoutlinepaintpencilsketchphotocopypixelizepixelize64pixelize128posterizeposterize32posterize64posterize256posterize256detailpotraceprosaturizesepiaizesimplizesketchstencilizertiltshifttoasterwoodcutThe whole example list of upload +filters, comparing the traced results. 2000 px / 9300 px sized svg is collected here. Thumbnail may not render right due to the portrait format.Edit:since the original upload, more filters are added, namely autotile, inktile and tiltile.Check the remixes for other ordering to better compare, and also https://openclipart.org/detail/224337/grayscale-and-bw-upload-+filters focusing on black&white and greyscale image tracing.

Tags: 2015, autotrace, avatar, border, boxelize, collection, color, colour, compare, cyanize, dirty, dollarface, equalize, filter, floric, flower, gotham, grayscale, kelvin, Lazur, list, lomo, mapitize, margaret, nashville, outline, paint, pencilsketch, photocopy, pixelize, pixelize64, pixelize128, posterize, posterize32, posterize64, posterize256, posterize256detail, potrace, pro, remix 218454, remix 218473, remix 218474, remix 218475, remix 218476, remix 218478, remix 218479, remix 218480, remix 218493, remix 218494, remix 218495, remix 218496, remix 218497, remix 218498, remix 218499, remix 218500, remix 218501, remix 218502, remix 218503, remix 218504, remix 218505, remix 218506, remix 218507, remix 218508, remix 218509, remix 218510, remix 218511, remix 218512, remix 218513, remix 218514, remix 218515, remix 218516, remix 218517, remix 218518, remix 218519, remix 218520, saturize, sepiaize, simplize, sketch, stencilize, SVG Tutorial, test, tiltshift, toaster, traced via email, upload2openclipart, upload filter testing, URH, vectorized, woodcut

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